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Dominican Republic Residence

Dominican Republic Residence: The Ultimate Guide

Dominican Republic Residency

There you are, fuming.

You just read another crappy article posing as ‘useful information’.

You smash the back button frantically to give the next search result a try.

No! Next result was just as bad as the previous one.  Can this be it? 

Time wasted. And,  you’re still clueless. There must be a Dominican Republic Residency program guide available. It has to be.

You called your local Dominican Republic Embassy and left countless voicemails. Nobody is in a hurry to call you back. 

The wait is agonizing.

Hooray! Finally someone calls you back. Feeling of excitement is overwhelming. You’re about to get all the answers you are seeking! Then reality sets in… 

The voice on the other line is directing you to the same useless website you’ve visited a day ago.  Pffttt…

Sadly, you quickly realize you know more than they do 🙁

Your frustration has reached a boiling point.  You’re about to explode! 

Wait.. before you do. 

Here’s a very useful-straight-to-the-point guide you’ve been longing for to apply for your residence! 

How To Get Your Residency in the Dominican Republic

This guide is a result of me spending 2 years banging my head against the wall, losing money and patience. 

I hope it will serve you well.

I’ve broken out the process into 3 major chapters to obtain your visa and residency painlessly

Already have your temporary resident visa and still stuck in Dominican Republic without not knowing what to do next? 

Go straight to Process of Residency Application in Dominican Republic.

Chapter 1: How To Apply For Dominican Republic Visa

You must start the process in your own country

Dominican Republic Visa Quick Steps overview

Contact the Dominican Republic embassy in your area
Select which of the 4 types of residency applications: Investment through real estate, retirement and investing offshore.
Check required documents list. Such as original birth and/or certificate, bank statements, police certificate with criminal record (a.k.a certificate of good conduct in some countries)
Confirm which documents require original or certified copy
Ask for a detailed list of all of the costs associated with the application
Confirm the payment method, I know I had to send a certified cheque so make sure you know the exact amount
Fill out the temporary visa application form.
Download the form in Spanish AND in English
Gather all the necessary documents
Send the documents to the Embassy. Remember to include your valid passport
Remember to include your valid passport
Processing time varies between 2-3 weeks. Plus regular mailing time

Enter the Dominican Republic within 60 days or your visa will expire

The old tourist card for $10 has been abolished

So, all in all, you can get everything done in about 2 months

Now comes the fun part, pack your suitcase you are going to Dominican Republic. 

Remember, bring everything with you. It would suck if you left one of these documents at home.

Chapter 2: Starting The Process of Residency in Dominican Republic

Exciting, you are finally here ready to start the next stage.

But, still nervous because you are not sure where to start.

Don’t worry. Read on to find out what you have to do. I’ve outlined all the steps necessary for this leg of the race.

Now, with the new online process it is faster and easier.

Dominican Republic Residence Application Overview

Create an account on the Dominican Republic Immigration website and start your application.
Use the same type as you used for your temporary residence visa.
Here are the 4 types of residency applications
Gather documentation and upload to the website
Track the status of your residence status online
You are required to bring all the documentation to the Santo Domingo Immigration office.

If you use an attorney, he/she will be able to bring the documents on your behalf and save you a trip to Santo Domingo.
You will get an appointment for a medical examination.

Includes blood test, chest X-ray and medical interview
Payment options (Online or In Person in Santo Domingo).

If you want to save time in the Immigration office and take advantage of using your credit card, I suggest that you pay online
Appointment date for Santo Domingo will be issued on the website.

If you cannot go on the date assigned, you can reschedule for a fee of $1000 pesos.

Hopefully, I have demystified the process and you feel confident you can succeed.

Be brave.

Start your provisional residency application immediately. 

If you still feel overwhelmed or scared.

Don’t worry.

I have dealt with an exceptionally professional lawyer after the fiasco of my first attempt at getting my residency.

Contact me so I can introduce him and create an easy transition.

Chapter 3: What to expect at the Department of Immigration in Santo Domingo

How thrilling, you are a few hours away from being finally done with it.

Reduce frustration & waiting time by bringing a photocopy of your passport & online payment receipt

Step 1: Getting your Celuda for foreigners.

  1. Go to the Immigration Department  as per your appointment date.
  2. Upon arrival you will be given a number.
  3. They will take your passport and ask you to go to the Office for Foreigners located about 15-20 min drive away. (Extranjería / Cédulas para extranjeros residentes)
  4. Application process takes under 1h. Process is quick.
  5. Drive back to the department of immigration office.

Step 2: Getting your Dominican Republic residence card.

  1. Go straight to window #12, #13 or #14 with your Cedula card.
  2. You will have to wait for the picture taking and fingerprints. Be patient, this can take up to 1h.
  3. After picture and fingerprint is completed. You have to wait again to receive your residency card.

The fun part in Santo Domingo is the wait. 

Ha ha, I’m joking of course. 🙂

But, I’m telling you this because the employees of the Dominican government work at turtle speed. I’m telling you this from experience so lower your expectations and avoid unnecessary frustrations. 

If you know in advance the procedure can take up to 4 hours and you are lucky enough to finish in 2 hours, you will be exceptionally happy.

I know I would.

Now, what’s next?

You have the complete road map in front of you to get your legal residence.

Are you ready to start?


Now, just imagine bragging to your friends about how you got it done like a Pro in record time. 

Imagine telling them how amazingly simple it actually was. 

Your residency in Dominican Republic is within reach if you follow the foolproof steps in this ultimate guide. Give it a chance, you can do it.

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